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In New Orleans, Time-Tested Charms and Some Bright New Baubles

New York Times

Vue Orleans, atop the Four Seasons, offers panoramic views of the city and tech-forward presentations of the city’s history and culture.

Catch 300 years of New Orleans history at $30 million Vue Orleans venue

Houston Chronicle

Yes, the walls talk. All the walls do at Vue Orleans, the new, $30 million interactive entertainment experience perched on the top levels of the Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans. The high-tech venue, with two levels of 360-degree views of New Orleans and the Mississippi River, is a deep dive into the city’s culture, where history, people and places are brought to life with stunning technology that bathes visitors in an immersive experience.

Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Kelly Clarkson Show

For somebody who wants to go to New Orleans, have fun with a girlfriend and just get away from it, Vue Orleans is a perfect first place to stop. It's high atop the Four Season Hotel, and gives you a comprehensive look at the whole lay of the land - as well as some interactive engagements that help you understand the history and what it has become today.

Why You Should Visit New Orleans’ Rejuvenated Riverfront

Forbes Travel Guide

New attraction Vue Orleans opened at the top of the hotel tower in March 2022 (it’s not owned by the Four Seasons). Residing on the 33rd and 34th floors, the observatory offers indoor and outdoor unobstructed 360-degree views of the river and the cityscape.

Capturing a Bird’s-Eye “Vue” of NOLA

Austin Travels

There’s no view of New Orleans quite like the 360-degree vistas offered at 124 meters (that’s 34 stories) up in the air. Vue Orleans, located on Canal Street above the Four Seasons Hotel, offers an interactive and immersive experience featuring state-of-the-art technology designed to familiarize you with the city’s past. For about $20 per person, you’ll get a crash course on 300-plus years of New Orleans history and culture accompanied with unparalleled aerial views of the Crescent City. Expect everything from life-sized surround video panels designed to give you a personal concert to touch-less viewing stations put you face-to-face with historic figures like Tillie Karnofsky, the Jewish immigrant and early supporter of Louis Armstrong.

Bird's-Eye Vue: New attraction lets you get high in New Orleans

Toronto Sun

Vue Orleans is an interactive way to get to know the city's storied history.

Date Night: Move over Zoom and Facetime, Date Night is Back

New Orleans Magazine

Gawk together over this one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor observatory and cultural experience featuring a 360 degree panoramic riverfront view of the city that you’ll arrive to in an elevator that takes you up 34 floors in less than 60 seconds. In addition to a stunning exterior experience, highlights like state-of-the-art interactive technology, music exhibits and a digital experience where you can see how you’ll look in full festival regalia make this an interactive gem.

Date Night: Vue Orleans


"This exhibit is a true testament to the culture and heartbeat of New Orleans and, though it doesn’t take much for me to get emotional, I definitely teared up a few times as I explored the space."

Vue Orleans gives visual tour, 360 views of New Orleans

Vue Orleans gives visual tour, 360 views of New Orleans


360 views of the city of new Orleans from the former world trade center now the four seasons, we all know they are incredible it sure is and inside Travers exhibits that will shed new light on your perspective of our beautiful city meteorologist Lee Southwick has a look at the new immersive experience view.

New Four Seasons Attraction Blends a Sublime View of the City with a High-tech History Lesson.


Vue Orleans is a brand-new $25 million amenity at the recently opened Four Seasons Hotel at the foot of Canal Street. It’s sort of high-tech museum that will give visitors a crash course in Crescent City culture 101.

Why Everyone Needs to Visit Vue Orleans


Vue Orleans gives both tourists and residents a chance to enhance their perspective of the Crescent City — from towering heights 34 floors above the Mississippi River.

Eyewitness Morning News at 6AM - April 28, 2022 VUE WWL

Eyewitness Morning News at 6AM


There's a new attraction in town and your kids are going to love it. Vue Orleans is an experience of its own and we're getting a look inside. Taking you to the City's newest, best-kept secret.

Vue Orleans On VUE Fox Weather -- May 7, 2022

Vue Orleans On VUE Fox Weather


A new experience in New Orleans is giving you a 360-degree look at the City high in the sky. It's a journey into the City's history and culture.

Vue Orleans On Fox 8 News WVUE - May 2, 2022 4 PM

Vue Orleans On Fox 8 News WVUE


A new cultural experience and observation deck is putting visitors' heads in the clouds. Take a tour of the City from one of its highest spots.

2022 New Orleans Saints Rookies check out the Vue

2022 New Orleans Saints Rookies check out the Vue

New Orleans Saints YouTube Channel

New Orleans Saints rookies had their first taste of New Orleans cuisine and culture at the annual Touchdown Club's Rookie Crawfish Boil as well as a private tour at Vue Orleans on Wednesday, May 26, 2022.

Vue Orleans is one of the very best things to do in New Orleans

USA Today 10Best

For starters, Vue Orleans is so worth the price of admission. What used to be a revolving restaurant at the top of what is now the Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans is now a 360° observation deck and interactive experience overlooking the Mississippi River.

Vue Orleans, $30M cultural exhibit & observatory, opens atop Four Seasons

New Orleans CityBusiness

Four Seasons New Orleans is ready to show off its new rooftop Vue. The $30 million Vue Orleans, an indoor interactive cultural exhibit and 34-foot high outdoor observatory featuring a 360-degree panoramic riverfront view of New Orleans, has opened to the public atop the hotel. It’s located in the space that was once a popular rooftop bar in the former World Trade Center.

New Four Seasons attraction blends a sublime view of the city with a high-tech history lesson

Vue Orleans is a brand-new $25 million amenity at the recently opened Four Seasons Hotel at the foot of Canal Street. It’s a sort of high-tech museum that will give visitors a crash course in Crescent City culture 101. The $30 admission will include an elevator ride to what is surely the most splendid view of one of the world’s most splendid cities. More about the vista later.