Vue Orleans | Frequently Asked Questions | Vue Orleans

What is Vue Orleans?

At its core, Vue Orleans is an interactive exhibit and observatory deck in New Orleans. But just like the city this observatory calls home, there is much more than meets the eye. Located at "the foot of Canal," Vue Orleans features one-of-a-kind exhibits that take visitors through the Big Easy's long and ever-evolving history. Learn about the art, music, food, history, and culture of New Orleans through 4-D experiences, original films, and interactive exhibits that put a lifetime of knowledge in an accessible and entertaining format. Even the elevators are entertaining! Vue Orleans also offers the city's only 360-degree panoramic viewing platform, allowing visitors to gaze at historic neighborhoods and popular attractions across New Orleans. It's the goal of Vue Orleans to encapsulate the evolution and pride of one the world's most unique  destinations... New Orleans, where after a bad day, week, or year, one can find solace in their community and, if needed, a Bloody Mary or two.

How much is Vue Orleans?

If you're looking for a fun, family-friendly activity in New Orleans, Vue Orleans is the place to start. While the prices of our interactive museum vary, our general admission ticket pricing range is as follows:

  • LA Resident, $27.95
  • Adult (Ages 13+), $29.95
  • Junior (Ages 3-12), $23.95
  • Senior (Ages 65+), $27.95
  • Child (Under 3 Years), $0.00
  • Military and Dependents, $27.95
  • College, $27.95

We also offer youth and school group rates to ensure the children of New Orleans can be fully immersed in the cultural history of their home. Buy your tickets to Vue the magic of the Crescent City today.

How much time does it take to visit Vue Orleans?

On average, it takes guests 1.5 hours to experience our interactive exhibit and observatory. Guests who purchase tickets at 5:00pm will have one hour to go through our experience since we close at 6pm.

When did Vue Orleans open?

One of the city's newer attractions, Vue Orleans officially opened its doors in March of 2022, but planning for our interactive museum started in 2015. All seven years taken to construct one of NOLA's top tourist destinations can be witnessed in every little detail throughout our observatory.